Advertising agency



Year: 2015

Total area: 580 sq. meters

Location: Moscow, 2 Zvenigorodskaya, 13-18j


Term of project development: 1 month


Develop the operating space for the advertising agency, for creative people appreciating humor in the interior, divide the space into zones of the open space, offices, meeting rooms, a kitchen and a lounge using company colors of the agency, i.e. yellow and bright green.


We were lucky because we got the space with high ceilings and high windows; in addition to that windows are located on both sides of the building, thatís why there is no lack of daylight.
The ceiling height was successfully used by means of the entresol comprising a lounge zone with poufs for sitting rest and brainstorming. The small kitchen separated from the common room with a column and stairs perfectly fit in the space under the lounge zone.
We did not think much about allocation of employees in the open space; because of cleaning services and streams of people most of work places are located along the long wall. People are grouped by teams for them to be able to communicate more comfortably during working hours.
There is a glass cube divided in two meeting rooms in the center. Draperies are provided for privacy and a relocatable partition for separating or integrating the space. Maximum movable furniture was selected to be moved within seconds for new tasks.
Company colors (bright green and yellow) straight away associate with summer, leisure, grass and picnic, thatís why the idea to use moss and grass came in no time. The highest wall is finished with green artificial grass and decorated with bright features and motivating citations, which are really pleasant to be read during a hard working day.
Since colors of the company style are very juicy, colors of finish materials are quiet, that is poured concrete, bright walls, plywood, pinewood. Neutral shades (grey, blue and beige) are used in prints.

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