Coffee to Go Counter



Year: 2014

Total area: 10 sq. meters

Position: business centers and public places

Location: Trehgornaya Manufacture, Rodchelskaya St.

Term of project development: 4 weeks


Our customer is planning to launch a net of coffee-to-go counters in various public places, which is why the primary goals were to make it a compact, universal, and unique solution.


The starting point for us was ergonomic and elaborate positioning of all the technical equipment of the counter to make sure it provides comfort and convenience for any guest looking for a fast and pleasant cup of coffee. The idea of the counter design was to create a cozy and quiet spot to escape to in the middle of a workday.
We used affordable and practical materials for this purpose: polyurethane stucco moulding, solid pine and thin wood strips.
The colour palette is fresh and playful with such juicy shades like mint, strawberry, and creamy.

COFFEE CULTURE Coffee to Go Counter


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