Key steps in creating a restaurant design

The dream to open your own restaurant has always been one of the most popular, large-scale, and ambitious ones. And the steps you make to make it come true can either lead you to success or to complete failure. It does not really matter if youíre just remaking an existing steak house or are about to open an Italian bistro: strict budgeting is to be followed when working under any kind of a place. Thatís why one just cannot underestimate the importance of thoroughly counted expenses.

One of the key and most significant steps when selecting a design direction is market awareness. What kind of customers would you like to attract? All your further decisions and actions have to spring from the answer to the question. The easiest way to get it is just to close your eyes and imagine your restaurant full of guests. Who are they? What do they do? How do they look like? The style of furniture, colours of walls, decorative accents, - they altogether have to create such atmosphere as to draw that type of people you need.

If what you are dreaming of is your guests sipping wine and savouring their dessert after an exquisite dinner, then you simply have to make sure your sofas are comfortable, your light is dim, your acoustics is suitable for creating the atmosphere of cozy talks and tranquility.
If your dream is a trendy party place following the latest design trends and culinary tendencies, then all the details from seating to lighting will be totally different.
Your guests are having a lively chat and moving between their table and a bar? Family couples having romantic night out in your place? You should turn into your customer for some time and clearly and vividly imagine all the nuances you are surrounded with. The more detailed you are while making your designer decision the better.

Now when you already have a clear vision of your idea you have to be absolutely honest with yourself about the amount of money you are going to spend on the project. Never start before you settle all the technical issues: sanitary engineering, kitchen equipment, repairing construction works, etc.
It is a must to forecast and include in your budget a certain amount of cash for unforeseen expenses. For instance, modern technical lamps can lead to replacing the wiring and cement tile can demand two times more screed than you expect.

Then you should define what items you canít save money on. Cheap chairs and sofas will wear out too fast and sag from constant use. Unstable tables ad cheap accessories are the first to spot, thus make sure your customer will immediately notice it. You ought to realize that despite any budget you have to create the atmosphere of professionalism, cleanliness, and reliability.

The next significant step in design is elaborate, interesting and advantageous space planning. Nothing, even the most expensive articles of art and furniture, will save you from failure when you have an expecting crowd at the entrance or near toilets.
Your personnel needs a easy access to kitchen premises, passages should be wide enough so as waiters were not forced to carry trays over guestsí heads. Guests should have enough space to relax and have a quiet talk. An option of easily and effortlessly moved in tables should exist in case you are having a big company of people.

Planning sockets positioning is also of great importance as a guest often needs to charge his or her phone or laptop. Having provided them with this convenience, you will attain reputation of a place where all nuances are thought over to suit a customer.

And finally, when planning to hire a designer who will help you to put all aspects into one whole and leave nothing unnoticed, you have to make sure you find a professional experienced in the restaurant segment. A talented and experienced home interior designer is not always the best option.
You need a specialist feeling and understanding the link between food and type of a restaurant, aware of nuances of seating and able to offer you the best solution. Your designer has to care about the final result as much as you do. Observe your competitorsí places, find details you would like to correct, you will escape many mistakes by doing this.

Taste is only one of five feelings you will be estimated by. Smell. Visual content, sounds, - they all play an important role. And fulfilling a project with limited budget does not mean you can opt for cheap and tasteless solutions. It all depends on the right approach to realising ideas and choosing the best of possible variants.

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