Decorating a bathroom in three weeks

We had to decorate a bathroom as one of out projects within a very tight deadline, which is 3 weeks. Down you will find photos of what we got.
We will try to give a step-by-step instruction on what should be done immediately:

  1. Measuring.
    When starting measuring you will immediately spot all the pluses and minuses of the space! In our case:
     + a hidden 250mm-wide niche where standard is located and where you can place hidden installation so as not to occupy precious space with a bulky closet basin
     + high ceiling - the whole 3 meters!
     -  very little space to place all the equipment.
    Having measured the space, we make a plan and make drafts for tile.
  1. Selecting and purchasing materials.
    Where can you buy tile available immediately? We can offer you Artplay where the range is wide, many articles are in stock and are rather affordable. Wall tile was 75*150 per one element. We faced obstacles when laying it as it contains crazing and thus has uneven edges. It is really hard to lay and it crumbles when cut thus workers increase their prices. Six-sided floor-tile by Equipe was bought in Mosplitka, which was in stock. Remember to select the colour of finishing at the same time. Apply samples of finishing to samples of your tile, we recommend Mapei brand.
  2. Selecting and purchasing bathroom fixtures.
    Villeroy&Boch - Oberon bath was bought in Maxlevel, but we faced so many issues dealing with it that finally they got into our suppliers stop-list. Our closet basin with hidden installation was of the same brand, Joyce collection. We had a special offer for three-in-one: closet basin+button+installation. It fitted perfectly, but one should take into account the fact that its seat is square, but not oval, which some may find inconvenient. The mixing faucet was by Bravat and vanity unit was by IKEA. Moreover, we installed the Aquastorozh system, which was a must as the whole flat had no waterproof isolation of floors.
  1. Decorating space.
    So as to visually expand the space of the room we hung a custom job mirror in an aged frame on the wall behind our bath. We also made custom job shelves for toiletries with closed walls from waterproof wood covered with yacht paint. All the rest decorative items were found in Crate&Barrel, H&M Home, Zara Home, and IKEA. To summarize, here is what we have spent on it: 350,000 rubles including materials and works done.

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